10 Innovative Saree Draping Style A Woman Must Know

As we all know a Saree is an incomparable attire as it perfectly brings out the Diva look in any woman making them the epitome of beauty. Most of us are familiar with its draping but the question is do we know any other style of drape that can actually make us bash the show which is definitely not one of those common draping styles.

So here are few of those unique draping styles that you may opt for:-

Palazzo Style

It’s very simple yet fashionable. Replace your petticoat with a Palazzo pant and drape your saree around it.It is fashionable, looks extraordinary and is very comfortable. Have a look at how the Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha has chosen for herself a million dollar look.


Belt style to accentuate the waistline

Much the same as belted lehengas, belted sarees are also raging big time. Aside from being a major design pattern that complements your figure, it is likewise probably the best hack to keep the saree flawless. Prominent fashion designers and celeb divas affirm of it.

Cape Style for an added touch of fashionista

To grasp a modernized rendition of saree, pair it up with a cape. It is one of the easiest approaches to glitz up an otherwise basic saree without experiment with the draping style. Also a Cape Blouse would make you look stylish. You can also take a look at Sonam Kapoor styled in the Butterfly Cape which altogether gives her an unique saree drape look.


    Belted Cape style

    You can even blend the two styles and wear a cape and amp it up with a waist-defining belt simply like the beautiful Bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor. Style is about mixing and matching so why not trying something new.

    Front straight Pallu style

    Instead of the usual diagonal pallu, you can feature yourself in a straight front pallu that may look girly and non-fussy. This front straight pallu style can make you look stylish and fashionable at the same time.


    Wear an experimental blouse

    A saree gets enhanced by the choice of your blouse. Yes, that’s correct, even a normal saree may look eye catching when you pair it up with a modish blouse to make a strong stylish statement. Moreover, why wear a boring blouse when you have so many trendy blouse designs to experiment with!

    The Tomboyish Style:

     If you are someone who constantly look for an absolute “stand out of the crowd” appearance, then you must try out this jaw dropping look. It has got a tomboyish look which gives a completely new draping style look.

    The Designer Long Traditional Shrug Style

    Pair your Saree with a long traditional shrug and make a diagonal pallu just over it. It will give you an elegant look with a rich sense of style. Have a look at how the Bollywood actress YamiGautam has been featured by Vogue.

    The Dhoti Style

    Here’s another very unique and classy drape which you can go for. The share is just to be draped much like the way we opt for Dhoti. The famous Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor has been sported in this particular style.

    The Glamorous Draping

    Look at the picture of the model as how the saree has been draped. She is styled in a black skirt and a black full sleeves crop top and the saree has been draped around the skirt in just an amazing way with no pleats in front but a diagonal pallu. This is an absolute classy appearance which you can opt for.


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