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With all the gorgeous patterns and vivid colours of women’s designer sarees, it’s easy to forget that anything exists beyond them, but they do. Often overlooked in South Asian fashion, men are increasingly starting to step out of the shadows, and step up their style game. From bold colour choices—like actor Angad Bedi in a light pink turban and bright pink accents— to patterns—think actor Gaurav Gupta in blue geometric embroidery—weddings and wedding-week events are becoming the place to show off your unique sense of style. Whether or not you’re the one getting married. Below, we’ve broken down 5 of our favourite event looks for the guys, from ShopBollyWear’s exclusive men’s collection. Try them out this summer—just make sure not to upstage the groom!

Black and Grey Checkered Waistcoat with Black Kurta and Bottom


This Kurta-waistcoat combo is the perfect choice for an elegant and modern evening event. While black is always a great go-to for evening wear (for men and women), it can be easy to fall into something generic and uninspired. When going for a monochromatic look—like all black—choosing different textures and subtle patterns for each piece helps to spice up the look and keeps it from looking dull. The texture and pattern of the plaid waistcoat on this ethnic menswear outfit is the perfect pop, without using any colour!

Light Pink Bandhgala

Light Pink Bandhgala

We told you millennial pink was in, and the same goes for the guys! This light pink bandhgala is versatile for a day or night. If attending an evening wedding or event, keep it paired with black pants (as pictured). Attending a daytime wedding or garden party-type event this summer? Change it up and pair the top with white pants for a softer look. Besides the colour—a great option if you’re looking for something subtle, but a little more colourful than white—the embellished buttons up the front add a unique touch, while the high, stiff collar polishes off the look.

Black and Dark Grey Bandhgala

Black and Dark Grey Bandhgala

Another striking look for an evening event, this ethnic menswear piece is effortlessly stylish and perfect for anyone who wants to try stepping just outside their style comfort zone. The suede fabric is a unique, luxurious touch that contrasts well with the grey sleeves. TBH it’s giving us some pretty strong Game of Thrones vibes—if Jon Snow was attending a Desi wedding.

Dark Gold Jute Waistcoat with Gold Kurta and Chudi


Ok, we love this! Again, texture is key for making this waistcoat and kurta work. The embroidery on the waistcoat—which makes the piece look almost woven—adds dimension to the outfit, while the golden tones add a warmth to the look. This colour and outfit is a great alternative to black: statement making while exuding elegance.

Brown Bandhgala with Pink and White Floral Design

Brownish Pink Bandhgala

This style isn’t for the fashion faint of heart. While it can be intimidating to wear prints, this floral design is a great place to start. The muted background allows this piece to remain neutral and versatile, while the soft pink and white floral pattern is just subtle enough to stand out, but not be an eyesore. This look is perfect for a daytime wedding or event.

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