Clean Out Your Closets, Gen Z Yellow Is Here!

We know, we know, another generational colour? It's getting *pretty* hard to keep up. But then again, who doesn't want an excuse to go shopping? As we head into August, it's time to clear out some of that millennial pink, and make room for gen z yellow! And TBH, we're not unhappy about this. Yellow is *the* colour of summer, and with the impending arrival of fall clothing (prep those browns and burgundys) and weather (heading towards minus temps), now seems like the perfect time to celebrate what little summer we have left, with some colour!

By now, you've probably seen this splash of colour popping up on runways, your instagram feed and in your best friend's home decor. Like millennial pink, the *actual* shade varies. Gen Z Yellow—named after the generation born between 1995-2014—spans from buttercream to lemon yellow, and the colour has popped up on celebs like Gigi Hadid, Blake Lively, and Priyanka Chopra. Fearful of straddling the line between fashionable and just straight up bananas? Below, we've broken down some of the easiest and *seriously* chic ways to incorporate yellow into your ethnic wear outfits, whether you want to go full monochromatic or small pops of colour. Shop these looks exclusively at!

Five Layered Yellow Garnet Set with Matching Earrings

The easiest way to dip your toes into the yellow pool? Incorporate it into your accessories! Yellow jewellery can be paired with a neutral base—like a white, cream or grey—designer saree or top. A set is a great first purchase, as you can both mix and match, wear them separately or together. It's a great foray into the bright colour.

Beige, Yellow and Red Designer Georgette Saree

You're probably thinking, wait, where's the yellow? Trust us, it's there. But that's the point! A multicoloured designer saree or piece of ethnic wear is another great way to incorporate yellow into your clothes. The bright colour adds an additional pop to the outfit—in this specific saree, it enhances the gorgeous red—but doesn't overpower it.


Chrome Yellow Multicolored Crepe Silk Saree with Flower Print

Looking to channel your inner Priyanka or Gigi by going full-monochrome? We've got you! This look is a *statement* and perfect for any event this summer. And, because the colour leans a *little* towards darker, mustard territory, you can rock this designer saree into the fall! Gen Z double duty! 


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