The saree is quintessential Indian attire, and has a long and illustrious history. In ancient India, saree was basically a functional garment. Tribal ladies wore it tied high up to their knees so it would not stall out in the bushes while they were out for gathering firewood. Fisherwomen in coastal India wore it like some shorts to permit them easy movement in the water. Nonetheless, as the piece of clothing lost its functional element and moved towards pure aesthetics, it lost its appeal among young ladies, who rather selected simpler pieces of clothing like jeans and skirts.

Trying to revive this lost art of draping, ShopBollyWear wants to make sarees - a less daunting garment for women. So, here we are with few guides for all those fashion folks who are willing to make saree as their style statement.

The cloths we wear are the immediate illustrations of our idiosyncrasies.

The Classics:

The classic six yards of style never goes out of style. Sarees is that bespoke attire that continues to hit its magical streak with the traditional luxury and sensuousness. A saree always weaves a story within itself. A good choice of saree represent a class. A classic saree look is always admirable.

The Newly Weds:

It’s very common to worry about what to wear specially for the bride to be or the newly wedded woman. Well, it’s good to choose soft and sublime saree to sail through the grinding and yet exciting session of getting introduced to the relatives and perform the rituals. A piece that displays the juncture of conventional legacy and airy comfort is ideal for your style circumstance.

The Boss Lady:

It reminds us of those professional women who can opt for saree at workplace and can bring out that boss look  within them. A lady in saree at work place is just another way of flaunting the beauty. An extremely comfortable and airy saree is a perfect option for a gold-digger woman out there. Conquer your professional world with your rich look by choosing saree as your attire.


The Elegant Soul:

Elegance is always measured with simplicity. The more simple you look the more elegance is what you carry. There are women who prefer to maintain a simple yet an elegant look. This elegance is defined by the way a woman chooses to drape and ornament oneself. There are huge range of saree which can be preferred when one chooses to look elegant like the beautiful Lenin, the royal tant (rich cotton) and many more. The color and the choice of jewelries also matter when it comes to elegance.

The Fashion Follower:

You can wear share and yet make yourself fashionable enough to carry the lime light of any occasion. Fashion is what you make. There are ample innovative draping styles that are readily available in the market or you may create your own. This new art of wearing saree can actually ramp the show. Do read our blog on different draping style that you may go for.

The Non-Conformists:

The versatility of sarees when mingled with shirts and accessories, makes it an open option for those who love to be appeared in a different way. The modern era with the pinch of newness in the way we drape can help us evolve the fashion world to something truly amazing and unseen before. The experimental styling of saree with boots and belts can make you look carefree and style diva. Don’t follow fashion, create your own.

The Vintage Soul:

In this era of torn jeans and short skirt, saree plays a noteworthy role in feeding the souls of maniacs and who are wild about anything vintage. Groove on the unconventional universe of classical examples and suggestion shades to fix the retro state of mind. So, for those who are crazy about vintage styles, must be a follower of tribal sarees and jewelries.


The Daily Draper:

A comfortable, light weight saree can make your everyday look from drab to fab. For whose who are comfortable to wear saree as a daily wear can go for cotton sarees since it has all the criteria to be used as a home wear. In India, the culture of wearing saree as daily wear is quite normal as women here likes to stick to the culture and heritage.

Nothing can beat the beauty of Saree and so we are here to offer you with our wide range of collections.




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