Handwoven Chikankari Kurtis you need to add to your summer wardrobe!

The ultimate Indian staple or a way to beat the summer’s heat—call it what you may, are Pure Handwoven Chiffon Chikankari Kurtis’s. The Gorgeous Chikankari Kurtis’s will always earn the seal of approval, amongst your peers, especially in the coming months. With balmy weather fast approaching, it’s about time to safely tuck away your winter gear and invest in some breezy, stylish, and trendy Lucknowi Chiffon Chikankari Kurtis’s. These handwoven all over work Kurtis’s will bring a bit of ethnic wear into your wardrobe.

Whether your style aesthetic is inclined towards minimalism or maximalism, there’s a Chikankari number that will suit your style. Chikankari kurtis make for a great outfit choice for low-key festive occasions too.

Scroll below to browse ShopBollyWears Handwoven Chikankari Kurtis’s in different colors!

White Handwoven Lucknow Chikankari Kurti

Black Chikankari Kurti 

Peach Long Pure Handwoven Lucknow Chiffon Kurti

Red and White Long Pure Handwoven Lucknow Chiffon Kurti

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