Indian Art Jewelry

The jewelry created by studio craftspeople are commonly and majorly referred to as Art Jewelry. As the name suggests, its more of handwork that express creativity and designs.

The historical background of Indian jewelry traces back to 5000 years ago when the curiosity to beautify themselves was to adore some jewelry pieces. Since then, the charm of jewelry and the beauty of Indian women by adoring it never separated. In India, women hold an unexplained love towards her jewelry. It’s not just a piece of any expensive metal but emotion.


Jewelry has covered its journey since the beginning as an evolving art form. The magnificence of Indian jewelries lies in the uniqueness of its design and the endeavors of the workmanship engaged with making the mind boggling structures. This Art jewelry has played its pivotal role in magnifying the beauty of different regional classical dance forms like kuchipudi, kathak or bharatnatyam. Right from the hair to the toe, an Indian woman wores jewelry pieces to highlight her beauty.



Indian Art Jewelry is a pure form of artisanship. The traditional jewelry of India has always been quite heavy consisting of voluminous gold pieces. However, with the change in times, the contemporary jewelry which is lighter in weight has gained a lot of popularity among the Indian women. The gems structures renowned in various parts of India give an enormous assortment to the Indian adornments in both traditional and contemporary styles. The gold jewelry designs of Tamil Nadu and Kerala draw their motivation from nature and the kundan and Meenakari styles of adornments are enlivened by the plans of the Mughal administration. Not only Gold, there are a variety of silver jewelries found in India popularly worn in the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Types of Indian jewelries include Antique Jewelry Bead Jewelry, Bridal Jewelry, Custom Jewelry, Fashion Jewelry, Filigree Jewelry, Gold Jewelry, Handmade jewelry, Ivory Jewelry, Jadau Jewelry, Kundan Jewelry, Lac Jewelry, Meenakari Jewelry, Navratna Jewelry, Pachchikam Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Stone Jewelry, Temple Jewelry, Tribal Jewelry.



Jewelry presented as gift to Indian women at the time of marriage is called 'stridhan' which refers to the wealth of women. Indian Jewelry has always been a treasure for an Indian woman. 


Find out the must have Indian jewelries in a women’s wardrobe:

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