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We can't help it...we're ready for fall! More specifically, we're ready for fall fashion. Anytime the temperature drops below 15 degrees Celsius, daydreams of lounging on the beach and going for a swim are replaced with equally as dreamy images of crackling fires and changing leaves. And the *absolute* best part of dressing for the fall has to be the gorgeous tones and textures. Wave buh-bye to the lightweight designer cotton sarees in sherbet or creamsicle shades, it's time for crisp reds and oranges and weighty silk or brocade-heavy sarees.

As soon as we came across ShopBollyWear's exclusive Ajrakh Work sarees, we knew we were in love. They're the perfect addition to any fall wardrobe. Intricate in design, these sarees are created through a block printing technique. Traditional Ajrakh pieces are identifiable due to the use of colours like red, blue, indigo and white. The use of these specific colours isn't just happenstance, either. Traditional makers believe that the printed fabric has warm and cool colours, which steady the body temperature: blue is cooling, while red is warming. Whether or not you believe in the science behind it, you can't dispute that the designs are breathtakingly beautiful. The intricacies and tightness of the print, mixed with the deep saturated colours, give these sarees an almost brocade look, making them the perfect designer saree as we transition into cooler temps. Not to mention the myriad of gorgeous wine-coloured tones to offset crisp fall evenings.

Below, our favourite fall looks featuring Ajrakh work motifs. All available exclusively to purchase on ShopBollyWear.com!

Mustard Black and Brown Modal Saree with Motifs in Ajrakh Work
Mustard isn't something we'd usually turn to. But with Olive firmly cementing itself as the new black, and Gen Z yellow taking over the runways, maybe it's time for a change. If the rich colour isn't enough to prompt you to hit 'buy!' the subdued floral design is guaranteed to. This designer saree is perfect for an evening autumnal wedding or event.

Maroon Black and Beige Modal Saree with Abstract Star Motifs in Ajrakh Work
We love this pattern! The striking geometric design reminds us of intricate tile work, and the wine-red colour would be *perfectly* complimented with a similarly hued lip. This is a go-to glam look for a night on the town!

Blue, Rust and Beige Modal Saree with Motifs in Ajrakh Work
We're getting some *serious* "Aishwarya Rai in Devdas" vibes from this gorgeous designer saree look. Probably because the design and shimmer remind us of the gorgeous holi candles featured throughout the film. Feeling like Aishwarya, or just wanting to celebrate with a seriously dazzling look? You don't have to be a starlet to rock this ethnic wear look.

Blue and Rust Saree with Motifs in Ajrakh Work
Brighter in colour than the other options, this designer saree exudes a more traditional vibe and could easily be worn for day or night.

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