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I have a knack of connecting with those incredible people who holds an extreme urge towards saree. My latest happenstance has been with a bold, classy and stunning lady named Rosi Pranaami Das. Apart from being a model and Odissi dancer by profession, she is a “Saree Aficionado.” 

Rosi hails from West Bengal and says every saree has its own story- It starts from where it belongs to, how its woven and whom it goes to. Her every posts depicts the beauty of art and culture. Through her pictures , she always tries to portray the undefined excellence of Saree. According to her, its always necessary to know the occasion behind choosing a saree.

 The Saree delineates elegance, grace and respect to every lady fortuitous of the fabulous drape. This saree is a long piece of cloth traditionally worn by Indian women. This mere piece of cloth has a great cultural significance which helps a women show her curves in the most dignified way. From my mum’s wardrobe I hold a special corner in my heart for a fuchsia and silver-embroidered Banarasi saree. For my mom, this 27 years old saree has a lot to do with memories that she holds very dear! Unfortunately it couldn’t stand the ravages of time and has started showing signs of wear and tear, but still today its one of my favorites from our closet. Likewise I’m sure you have stories too with this beautiful attire. Please share your story today with a picture of yourself and we will publish it on our blog site. 

Gift your beloved ones a saree today and create a memory worth remembering. Check out few of our beautiful mesmerized collections. 

Golden Shade Handwoven Dupion Raw Silk Saree

Peach Orange Handwoven Silk Linen Saree with Gold Tone Design


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