Shawls and Stoles for Winter

As temperatures continue to drop, it's time to snuggle up and get cozy by the fire. And for those days when you can't stay in and have to brave the big (and chilly) outdoors, what better and more stylish way to do so than with a stunning shawl?

Originating in India (predominantly Kashmir), Indian shawls are widely popular—known for both their intricate designs and impeccable craftsmanship. While shawls—most identifiable as an intricately designed rectangular fabric—originated in India, they have had a global impact, with the stylish shoulder covering a favourite of fashionable women (and men) around the world!

If you've ever looked into purchasing a shawl, all bets are on Pashmina. Made of goat hair, pashmina shawls are often considered the best, with people travelling to India (or ordering online) specifically to purchase them. While pashmina's are a luxe decision, for winter there's only one *true* choice: Wool. A heavier fabric like wool allows your shawl to do double-duty, acting as a stylish accessory *and* a warm yet chic outerwear staple. For some, a shawl becomes a substitute for a coat on milder fall and winter days.

Wool also offers a great base for unique designs. Many wool shawls and stoles are characterized by traditional looking, geometric embroidery, handwoven with dhabla design, light mirror work and tassels. Often with a neutral base—like, cream, navy or black—and vibrant embroidery, such as rich reds, yellows and oranges.

Not only are shawls and stoles gorgeous, but extremely versatile. You can wrap them like a scarf to wear over your coat on the way to class or work, or drape them over your designer saree for a chic addition.

Below, we've rounded up our favourite shawls and stoles for the winter season. All available exclusively on!

Naksatraloka Black Shawl
Our favourite of the bunch! The intricate, handwoven design along with the mirrors and tassels are to-die-for. We love that the design is slightly traditional, but modern enough to rock everyday.

Naksatraloka Off-White Shawl
And the love for handwoven design continues! While subtler than it's black (and orange and red) counterpart, this off-white shawl is anything *but* boring. Pair this shawl with an off-white cotton or silk designer saree to elevate your look. The differing textures—this shawl is wool—will add some depth to your all-white outfit.

Navy Blue, Brown and White Shawl
We love the subdued colours in this wool shawl. The navy base makes this perfect for pairing with jeans or a navy, tan or army green saree.

Orange Banarasi Duppata Stole
Perfect for draping over a neutral designer saree or ethnic wear piece (cream, tan or black!), the vibrant orange of this stole is *extremely* in-season for the end of fall.

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