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Printed Sarees at ShopBollyWear

Indian Ethnic Wear, specially Sarees play a great role for our minds, moods, and thoughts in the Indian diaspora. It is the most talked about topic at each weekend event amongst the ladies. What saree, fabric, color, design, or print each one will wear at their next big gala event. Demarcated as an Indian traditional wear Sarees have become a trademark in the international arena. ShopBollyWear plays major roles in enriching women’s wardrobe with its wide range of luxurious luster and exquisite printed sarees. Colorful printed sarees at ShopBollyWear can be proudly compared with a bouquet of freshly plucked flowers. Every printed saree at ShopBollyWear is a marvelous collaboration of eye catching design and color.

There is a huge variety of printed sarees displayed proudly at ShopBollyWear with few categories like Floral print, Batik print, Digital print, Block print, Animal print, Geometric print, on different fabrics like Cotton, Silk, Chiffon, Polyester, Georgette, Khadi, Crepe, Satin etc. Based on color, design and fabric ShopBollyWear printed sarees can be the best friend in disguise.

Here are little options where ShopBollyWear’s printed saree can be our best friend in disguise. 

  • Floral printed sarees – Floral printed sarees on a Crepe Silk fabric is a life saver in summer. Lightweight, easy to drape, and sensual fabric makes the Floral Printed Crepe Sarees one of the most popular to drape at a casual weekend event. It’s one of the hardest task to beat the beauty of ShopBollywear’s floral print on Crepe Silk Sarees. Eye soothing floral prints on vivacious color will surely bring on a rejuvenating impact on mind and mood. So why wait? Let’s login to ShopBollyWear to beat the heat.
  • Animal Print – ShopBollyWear’s animal print saree magnificently displays the international look on our Indian wear. It motivates us to make a bold and unique statement at a gathering. Exclusive animal print collection from ShopBollyWear reminds us that draping yards in not only a festive affair but a confident look too. Login to ShopBollyWear and rediscover the bold fierce look for our next gathering.
  • Digital Print - Weekend is just about to arrive. Fetch the digital print sarees from ShopBollyWear exclusive collection. Brighten up the weekend draping the never-ending romance of classic and contemporary designs artistically printed on ShopBollyWear Digital printed sarees. Drape them to a casual lunch or a weekend evening gathering. Browse now at ShopBollyWear to get your next digital print.
  • Block Print – Block print sarees are designed on Cotton, Tussar Silk, and Bishnupuri Silk Sarees. ShopBollyWear offers unique blend of tradition and class in their wide range of Block Print Sarees. It’s one of the oldest Indian handicrafts. Wood is carved out (especially teak wood), in various motifs of flower and design. Then dipped in dye and imprinted by hand on cotton or silk sarees. Designs are printed all over the sarees pairing it with contrast set of block design as border. Giving a neat look and a proof of brilliant craftsmanship. To view the grand collection, do login to ShopBollyWear and book your piece of heritage of block print saree.
  • Batik Print - Hand Painted Batik Silk Saree is an ancient art that has been practiced for over 2,000 years in India. Batik is one of those art making processes that requires a lot of preparation and supervision on your part but is totally worth the sacrifice. This complex dyeing process creates beautiful, intricate designs that are unique to the region they come from or tell a story. The process uses dye-resistant wax to create elaborate patterns and designs, and the wax is then washed to reveal the batik pattern or the process is repeated to create multiple colors.

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