Sridevi: How To Get Her Look

August 13 marked the birthday of Bollywood legend and on-screen idol, Sridevi. The starlet has graced our screens and inspired us since her debut in the 1967 Tamil film Kandhan Karunai (when she was only four years old!). While she tragically passed away in February 2018, Sridevi continues to influence Bollywood—and will do so for years to come.

We all know she was an amazing actress, but that's not where it stopped. The Queen of Bollywood was also the *queen* of style, with a penchant for rocking gorgeous sarees. Below, we've rounded up some of our favourite Sridevi looks, and because we know imitation is the *sincerest* form of flattery, we've gone ahead and linked similar sarees—all available exclusively on! You can thank us later.

Disney Princess Chic

The first thing we think of when we see Sridevi *stunning* in this light blue number is: Disney Princess. Seriously, how can you not? The sky blue colour is giving us some *serious* Cinderella at the ball vibes, while her loose chignon and oversized, dangling jewellery make the starlet look like Jasmine's sister! And the gauzy, translucent fabric that straight up looks as light as air? Literally to-die-for. This designer saree is perfect for an evening event where you're looking to be the belle of the ball. And while we're calling it "Disney Princess Chic" don't mistake that for meaning childish. The marriage of a pastel colour and bold, embroidered border elevates the look to high fashion. Looking to step into your own fairy tale? We've got you covered. Find similar designer sarees linked below:
Arctic Blue and Gold Habotai Silk Saree with Sequins and Navy Blue Border
Matka Silk Saree with Zari Work
Blue Cotton Jute Saree

Garden Affair

This designer saree exudes lux sophistication and romanticism. Looking to make a statement without going full out floral? This muted print is for you. Not only are roses a softer print to lean towards, but the subtle, honey-yellow tone of the print ensures you're not overpowered by your designer silk saree. This look is great for a garden party or outdoor event, and while we may associate floral with spring, the golden tones of the flowers makes this piece versatile (and wearable in any season!). We could totally see you rocking this at a late-fall or evening event over the winter season (*maybe* just opt for a long-sleeved blouse!) Love this look? Find a similar one here: White Banarasi Tissue Silk Saree

"Naut" Your Mum's Nautical

These stripes are anything but ordinary! While we are getting some *slight* nautical vibes from this navy and white striped look, a dash of colour and floral design takes this designer cotton saree from ordinary to extraordinary! Perfect for the high seas (or really, any other event). Like this unique, striped saree? Find more here:

Off-white Tussar Silk and Habotai Silk with Sequin Border
Navy Blue Silk Saree with Beige Thread Work Net Border

Blushing Bride

This designer saree incorporates several of our favourites: pastels, pink and just a *hint* of colour blocking. And you don't need to be a bride to rock this cream and blush look! Below, a few more options for those who are equally smitten with this peach perfection:
Salmon Pink and Arctic Blue Habotai Silk with Gold Silk Border
Salmon Pink and Off-white Habotai Silk Saree with Sequin Work

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