Statement Earrings: Go Big or Go Home

While we stand firmly behind the idea of 'less is more,' in one area the idiom no longer works. When it comes to jewelry, specifically earrings—we're saying 'go big or go home!' From Bollywood to Hollywood, celebs and fashionistas are hopping on the statement earring train, making this typically blink-and-you'll-miss-it accessory the focal point of their outfit (Bollywood starlet Deepika Padukone is a *big* fan of the trend!).

Ethnic Jewelry is a chic addition to any outfit, elevating and versatising your looks for both traditional occasions as well as casual, everyday wear. Statement earrings are the perfect way to add a pop of color, sparkle or texture to any outfit. Below, we've rounded up five of our favorite pieces, available exclusively on!

Dark Pink Hand Painted Kundan Pearl Earrings
There's *a lot* going on here, but that's the point! With so much vibrancy adorning your ears, you'll want to pair these jewels with a simple saree or lehenga. Really want to make the statement? Make sure to wear your hair up or pinned away from your face so these jewels can really stand out!

Green Color Kundan Pearl Earrings>
We LOVE these!! The deep, vivid green is stunning and sure to make any outfit (and its wearer) pop! Pair these with a black and gold designer saree for your next evening event.

Antique Gold Colored Leaf Designer Earrings>
We can guarantee you'll be one of a kind in these unique earrings! We love the unexpected addition of the purple quartz.

Silver Plated Afghani Earrings
These are definitely an everyday earring. We love that the design makes the earrings look like feathers. Pair these gems with a cute blouse and linen pants for the summer season!

Antique Icy Blue Earrings
Another everyday earring, these antique gems can be paired with any vibrant suit, saree or piece of ethnic wear—may we suggest millennial pink?

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