The Look Book for 5 Days of Diwali Festival

It's time to illuminate your homes, and add new sparkle to your closets! The celebration of Diwali is here - days brimming with dynamic quality and  scintillation- a fest that breaks through all boundaries of religions and cultures. The 5 magnificent long periods of Diwali – Dhan Teras, Choti Diwali (Kali Chaudas), Diwali evening, Bestu Baras (New Year), and Bhai Dooj are legendary in terms of celebrations – in India and among Indians everywhere in the world. This is one festival that’s celebrated in some or the other way in every part of the country.

While tidying up and decorating your homes is a merry convention, Diwali is likewise the official opportunity to revive your closet! Sprucing up in the choicest Indian ethnic outfits is the thing that Indians like, for this is the event that commends the Indian culture in the entirety of its greatness. With the mingling stream, these are likewise the days implied for flaunting your best assortment of sarees, jewelries and different outfits of brilliance. But your festive looks should definitely not be limited to these grand ensembles! The Diwali week is so full of moments when you need to play low-key on your outfit and still look fabulous. There'll be casual local gatherings, affectionate family suppers, and espresso time with your companions. These are the moments when you need not indulge in head-to-toe decoration, but dressing up on the lines of ethnicity would be better to keep up with the Diwali vibe.

The problem is amidst all the running around, preparing for Diwali days and shopping, we rarely get time for ‘dressing up’ and prepping up. Worried already? Don’t worry! brings you some awesome style tips that will help you look gorgeous on all 5 days of the much-awaited Diwali week–

Day 1 – Dhan Teras

The first official day of the long Diwali festival is otherwise called the Dhanvantri Triodas. Considered very promising, Dhan Teras is the day to purchase, shop, and make joyful! Committed to the Lord Dhanvantari – the Goddess of Wealth – this holy day or shubh muhurat is a brilliant opportunity to purchase valuable metals like gold and silver. Prophetically, it is additionally the best an ideal opportunity to start your wedding shopping! Many would-be-ladies purchase their marriage lehengas or wedding sarees on this day.

Applying the Law of Attraction, wear attire that brings an abundance of wealth into your life. It’s precisely the day when you can get glorious with brocade, and shimmering embroideries over silk sarees.

Day 2 – Choti Diwali/ Kali Chaudas

Social media may be full of funny graphics surrounding the day of Kali Chaudas, but in many parts of India, the second day of Diwali has a lot of significance. Individuals devotedly love Goddess Kali – the destroyer of fiendishness, while following ceremonies like Naivedyams and havans. For many individuals however, this day is only an opportunity to unwind and gain experiences with their families and companions, while preparing for the Diwali celebrations.

For this day keep the look elegant and simple with brightness within you.


Day 3– Laxmi Pujan/ Deepawali

The brightest day of the year- it’s officially the occasion to shine. This is a day that’s busy to the brim, there are simply lots of things to do. Decorations, meeting loved ones, celebrations, worship rituals, dressing up – you may just run out of time. But, that’s no excuse to let go of this lovely chance to flaunt your style. We suggest that you keep your outfit ready in advance for this day – as this will help you remain sorted on Diwali.

It’s time to stop holding yourself back and dress up to the hilt with the classiest Indian-wear which is nothing but saree. A vibrant black saree with golden color will be an appropriate choice for this day.


Day 4 – Bestu Baras/ Vikram Samvat New Year

Well, this day has blended connotations all over India. While in certain parts, this is formally the New Year (according to Hindu Calendar), at different spots, this is only a day to appreciate the happy bonhomie. Many tend to proceed with their visit to family members' and companions' homes, while many take off for movement to appreciate the remainder of the Diwali get-away. Some eventual cooking widely to observe Annakut and Govardhan Pooja – as this is additionally a day to eat. Contingent on what you are wanting to do on this favorable day that denotes the light of goodness – you can design your closet.

A light tinted saree is a best choice for this day.


Day 5 – Bhai Dooj/ Teeka

Bhai Dooj is the second-in-hugeness day for siblings after Raksha Bandhan. The ceremonies for both the days are very comparable, with a slight variety where the sister applies a tilak on her sibling's forehead. It’s a day steeped in heart-warming affection and tradition, so sarees and printed salwar suits would look great.

You can keep your overall look light and peppy. Yet, don’t forget to have a generous dose of traditions! Choose lighter fabrics, or brocades and prints, while going embroidery and ostentation free. Channel a youthful look with printed sarees that are crafted in trendy and latest designs. Colors no bar- you can pick your favorites!


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Wishes you A very Happy and Safe Diwali

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