Sweets from the sweetest part of India!

Mishti’…Doesn’t this word sound magical to your ears? Trust us, it tastes even more heavenly and can tempt your soul. The favourite word of all Bengalis is ‘Mishti’ and its their favourite type of food too. 

No points for guessing, ‘Mishti’ is the term used for sweets in Bengal.

West Bengal is renowned for its opulent culture, be it literature, art, films, music or cuisines. Sweets occupy a significant place, rather the most significant place in the hearts of Bengalis and the Bengali cuisine. And, it would not be wrong if we say they are obsessed with sweets, as no meal goes good without a ‘Mishti’ or may be two. Well, we are infected by this obsession too.

All social and religious ceremonies of Bengalis are graced with a wide variety of sweets, ‘Sondesh’, ‘Rosogolla’, ‘Mishti Doi’ ‘Ledikeni’ being few of them. It is an ancient tradition among all Bengalis to distribute sweets during celebrations and the confectionery industry has flourished based on this. Competition and ever-changing tastes have contributed in the invention of many new sweets, and today this industry has seen a massive growth within the country as well as all over the world. The sweets of Bengal are commonly made of sweetened Indian cottage cheese (chhena), unlike the use of ‘khoa’ (reduced solidified milk) in Northern India.


Sandesh comes in an array of shapes and flavors and can be made with the use of chhena. The simplest kind of Sandesh is ‘Makha Sandesh’ and is usually prepared in all households by lightly tossing chhena with sugar over low flame.


More complicated forms of Sandesh are prepared by cooking chhena to different textures, flavoring them with fruits, coconuts, dried fruits, mixing colours, filling syrups and moulded in a variety of shapes such as conch shells, elephants, triangles, circles and fish.


The moulds are usually made of wood that gives attractive shapes to these delicate darlings.


Apart from these, Bengal bags many other sweets like Dorbesh, Joynagarer moa, Mihidaana, Sitabhog, Kheerkadam, Sorbhaja, Chhana Bora etc.

Don’t think much…Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first!

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In case you are wondering, where to eat these, we got a list of 10 best and most renowned sweet brands of Kolkata where you would love to step in to and try their delicious mouthwatering sweets.

Girish Chandra Dey and Nakur Chandra Nandy
This is one legendary sweet shop that has been satisfying the sweet tooth of Bengal for decades. They have an enormous variety of sandesh in all possible flavours and shapes.You would not be able to stop at one 
56, Ramdulal Sarkar Street, Hedua Park, Near Hatibagan, Kolkata

Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick
Read about the chocolate-mishti above, this is the place to find the delicacy.
2, Paddapukur Road, Bhawanipur, Kolkata

Looking for mouth watering traditional sweets, you have reached the right place.
48B, Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Ballygunge, Kolkata

Hindustan Sweets
Known for their amazing collection of bhaja-mishtis and herbal mishiti.
3, Tollygunge Circular Road. New Alipore, Kolkata

Want to try rasagullas soaked in cream? They are the ones who make it 
126A, Bidhan Sarani, Shyam Bazar, Kolkata

Mouchack is the place for savouring some traditional sweets. Almost everything they make is brilliant.
23, Gariahat Road, Golpark, Kolkata

Nalin Chandra Das and Sons
The rasgullas and nolen gur sweet at this place are so legendary, people from far-off towns come to taste them.
57, Ramdulal Sarkar Street, Near Hedua Park, Hatibagan, Kolkata

Chittaranjan Mishtan Bhandar
Centuries old, they offer some of the best mishtis of the state including soft ad yummy  rasgollas.
34B, Shyam Bazar Street, Near Lal Mandir, Shyam Bazar, Kolkata
K.C. Das
Spongy rasgullas again. We told you you will find them everywhere.
28, Chetla Road, Rash Behari Avenue, Near Gurudwara, Kalighat, Kolkata

Gupta Brothers
Known for making sweets that use a lot of ghee. Their laddus and chocolate-mishti are delicious.
198, Block J, Opposite Triangular Park, New Alipore, Kolkata 





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