Thanksgiving in Desi Style

Almost every culture in the world has celebrations of thanks for a plentiful harvest. The legend of the American Thanksgiving occasion is said to have been founded on a feast of thanksgiving in the beginning of the American colonies almost 400 years back. The story as it is told in grade schools is a legend, a mythologized adaptation that minimizes a portion of the more disheartening history of how Thanksgiving turned into an American public occasion. It began as a day of giving thanks and sacrifice for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year.

The Indigenous people groups carried deer to broil with the turkeys and other wild game offered by the settlers. The pilgrims figured out how to cook cranberries and various types of corn and squash dishes from them. In the following years, many of the original colonists celebrated the autumn harvest with a feast of thanks.

In the US, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday of November. This year, it falls on Thursday, November 26. The Thanksgiving Day of Hale and Lincoln was a homegrown occasion, a day of family homecoming, a legendary and nostalgic thought of the cordiality, class and joy of the American family. The purpose of the festival was no longer a communal celebration, but rather a domestic event, carving out a sense of national identity and welcoming home family members. Friendly homegrown images customarily served at Thanksgiving celebrations include: Turkey, corn (or maize), pumpkins and cranberry sauce. These are symbols which represent the first Thanksgiving. These symbols are frequently seen on holiday decorations and greeting cards.

So, let’s begin this gala occasion with some desi inputs. Let’s find some desi looks for ourselves and let’s embrace this grandeur festival in our own way.

ShopBollyWear brings you some brand new collection which you may use for this occasion, so let’s find some new draping ideas with the same old favorite Indian attire ~ Saree ! 

The Fashionista:

Drop the old fashion and let’s pick up some new ideas of dapping a saree. Let’s break the concept of saree being used as only an ethnic attire. If you have fashionable bent of mind, you can make any piece of cloth worthy to attract the eyes of the crowd. Here is a style as you can see in the picture- a red chiffon saree worn with a crop top, drape it like this and you are just ready to grab each one’s attention in this Thanksgiving occasion.

The Style Queen:

Take a look at the below picture of the style queen- isn’t she just looking gorgeous! The style that she picked up is very unique, where she wears a saree as the normal way but the only thing is, here she puts the anchal around her neck making a knot in the front part. This style actually enhances her figure. Pair it up with a designer blouse and nude makeup and you will just look jaw dropping.

The Lady Bird:

Did you ever image that a saree can be in a way like this! That it can bring out a completely new style like that of a designer dress!! So here it is, a totally new experiment with saree. This is something which is really new. It might be little tough to make this drape but it’s not impossible. All you need to do is, take a chiffon saree, hold one end and put it in the right corner of your waist, pull it from back to front all the way covering your hip portion and then fold it and make the pallu portion in nice pleats. If you do this you may see that in the right corner the other half of the saree is apart, so here you need pin the saree ends in from within so that it gives you a smooth and straight front look dress like look. Wear it with a crop top like that in the picture and you are ready for the Thanksgiving party.

The Hot Mess:

Who doesn’t want to look hot in a party? Well, we all girls want to be looked sensual enough to be in limelight when there’s a party anywhere. This Thanksgiving, let’s bring in some new style. A saree is never a no no- it can glam you up in any way possible. Take a look at the below picture, isn’t looking something sassy! Then what you are waiting for, shop your favorite saree material from ShopBollyWear and let’s get ready for the party. The drape is very simple but it gives you a highly fashionable look. All you need to do is, make the saree in two folds, place it diagonally from front down to top i.e., your shoulder and take it from the back to make it down till your feel, pin the saree near the waist area properly and you are ready. You may wear it with a designer blouse or a crop top and a leggings or denim shorts.

The Style Beginner:

Another very simple yet attractive draping style that you may take inspiration from. So, this is very simple as you can see in the picture, where you drape a saree in a normal way and then instead of putting the pallu, you drape it part by part around your body and lastly put the extra part covering your back and a make a long uneven pallu in front. Just like the picture, an off-shoulder blouse with rich makeup will glam you up for the party. So, what you are waiting for, try out this style now.


So the time is near, what you are waiting for! Start shopping now and explore our widest range of collections awaiting you all.
Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving we express our gratitude to all our amazing customers.  We hope to continue an everlasting relationship like this.

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