The Best Care Tips to Get Your Silk Saree Through Wedding Season

Purchasing anything silk can be a scary decision. Gone are the days of haphazardly throwing your clothes into the wash with the rest of your dirty laundry; buying silk is an adult move, it's an *investment*. And if you're going to take the plunge and spend, it's just as important to invest time in caring for your clothes both on and off your body. This wedding season, silk sarees are in. They're elegant, versatile, comfy (!!!) and help you stand out without overshadowing the bride. But with temps rising and numerous weddings on your calendar, you can guarantee that your designer silk sarees will take a little bit of a beating. *Hello sweat stains!* Below, we've rounded up five of the best care tips to help you get your saree through the summer, sweat stain and wrinkle free.

After an evening of dancing the night away, your silk saree will inevitably have some oils and stains. Ideally, dry clean is best to get rid of those pesky oils. But that can get tiring, not to mention expensive. So, when in doubt, hand wash it out! According to Vogue India, the biggest concern when washing any form of silk is making sure to treat the fine fibres with care. This allows you to wash your silk saree and avoid losing their vividness and lustre. It's important to only wash your fabric in cold water, and—like any laundry load—wash your colours and whites separately to avoid pigmentation or bleeding!

Dry it right—that means out of the sun
As much as we love to soak up some rays in the summer, the same can't be said for our silk sarees. After handwashing your silk saree make sure to avoid drying it in direct sunlight. Without UV protection, sun can strip your saree of its vivid colour, and we wouldn't want that.

Store it correctly
While summer is busy for wedding season, in the off season it's important to keep your silk saree snug and properly protected, which means storing it correctly. As per the experts at Vogue India, ditch those crease-inducing hangers when storing your saree. The best option is to go horizontal: place your silk sarees in a porous fabric bag. This allows the circulation of air and helps avoid any musky smells from forming—which makes it MUCH more pleasant to open and wear for your next occasion.

Air it out
Whether you decide to wear it around the house for fun or just drape it over a couch (out of direct sunlight, of course!), it's best to take your saree out for a spin every 2-3 months. This is to avoid that pesky musk smell from forming, along with other lovely (but inevitable) side effects of storing your saree, like mothballs or fabric deterioration. While it may not sound super sexy, it's importance to the maintenance and longevity of your designer silk saree.

Pretty self-explanatory. Have an amazing wedding season, you look gorgeous!

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