The Best Cotton Sarees for Wedding Season

Temperatures may just be starting to inch above the single digits and winter isn’t too far behind us, but it’s never too early to start looking ahead to the warmth of summer. May also marks the beginning of wedding season, so it’s the perfect time to stock up on sarees that’ll help you stand out and keep cool, all spring and summer long. The way to go this season? Cotton sarees.

Cotton has had a bad reputation in the past. It’s easy to dismiss the fabric, and thus any outfits, as plain and uninspiring. When we think of cotton, we envision white, no embroidery, no vividness or creativity. We envision something… boring. In reality, it’s much more than that. Cotton is breathable, lightweight, easy to wash, and, as opposed to the more popular, heavy silk saree, it can be easily transitioned from day to night or event-to-event.

If cotton isn’t really your thing, or you’re looking for a fabric that’s more elevated in texture, linen can be another great, lightweight and still stylish option.

Even Vogue India has jumped on the bandwagon, declaring cotton sarees as appropriate ethnic wear for any and every occasion – whether you’re on your way to the office, beachside on vacation, or attending one of the many festive functions this season. So we’re officially declaring this wedding season as the season of the cotton (and linen) saree!

Below, we’ve broken down five of our favourite looks from ShopBollywear’s “Cotton Threads of India” Saree Collection. This collection, featuring pieces by R. Katha Sarees, includes both linen and cotton designer sarees, as well as matching blouses (as part of our brand new collection). They’re perfect for every kind of wedding, and they’re anything but boring.

1. Baby Pink Organic Linen Saree with Floral Pallu
Baby Pink Organic Linen Saree With Floral Pallu
The lesser-known sister of Millennial pink (which has been extremely popular with younger women in ethnic wear and western fashion), baby pink is the perfect spring colour for younger and older generations alike. While saturated colours have and continue to be popular, softer colours and detailing will still make you stand out in the crowd. Added details like tassels in differing shades of pink are an unexpected and youthful touch. This saree is perfect for a May-time wedding, or an event in the morning or early afternoon, when the colours in the saree mimic those of the recently blooming flowers.

2. Pink Organic Linen Saree with Jamdani Pallu
Baby Pink Organic Linen Saree With Jamdani Pallu
Another pink saree to add to the collection, this piece is definitely for the more adventurous wedding-goers. This designer saree is perfect for a tropical destination wedding: on the beaches of Mexico or somewhere in the Caribbean. The subtle heart motif and vivid tassels add a youthful pop the piece.

3. Black Pure Cotton Saree with Woven Pallu
Black Pure Cotton Saree With Woven Pallu
Who said cotton was unsophisticated? This lightweight cotton saree exudes elegance in a striking black colour, with a geometric pattern. This piece is perfect for an evening wedding or event; the rich red, orange and gold colours are more traditional, without being boring. Perfect for the sophisticated woman or one trying to make a statement!

4. Beige Organic Linen Saree with Pink & Orange Border
Beige Organic Linen Saree With Pink & Orange Border
This bold linen saree is guaranteed to turn heads. We love the pairing of orange and pink, and the draping of the saree (as well as the addition of a statement belt) really makes this a unique piece. This linen saree is great for an afternoon, outdoor event (the beige is perfect for a garden-style party), and extremely versatile. Looking to get more wear out of this saree? The neutrality of the beige allows you to switch up the colours of the blouse, and any addition of jewelry can change up the look entirely!

5. Black Linen Saree with Zari Border
Black Linen Saree With Zari Border
For our final pick, we have to go with a classic. The richness of this shade of black coupled with the gold tone border makes for a chic combination, while the thick stripes add a slimming effect when draped. This piece is perfect for a formal or black tie wedding, whether you’re twirling across the dance floor at a hall, walking among artwork at a museum or sitting down for a delicious dinner. This designer saree looks expensive, no one has to know you got it for such a steal!

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