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For more than 500 years the practice of block printing is being carried on in Rajasthan. Chhipa community introduced this block printing in Jaipur region of Rajasthan. This community belong to Bagru Village, a place now well-known for its vegetable dye and mud withstand block prints.  The artwork of block printing has been handed down for generations inside families and groups and has branched out in current decades to different areas such as Sanganer, just South of Jaipur.

Block printing is using a carved piece of wood or every other type of timber block to imprint an image on cloth or paper. In the early days of printing, it was used to print entire books. Today the manner of block printing is popularly associated with making designs on fabric with the aid of printing on them, with the help of a block made for that reason. Believed to have its beginning in China, block printing has been in use around the arena now, for pretty a while.

Block printing or hand block printing is famous attributable to a number of contributing factors.

It has simplicity and simplicity of execution. There is the sharpness, accuracy and first-rate detailing of prints made at the fabrics. Blocks are of good quality wood and so they have durability. Metallic blocks are sometimes used but maneuverability limits their use compared to wooden blocks.

Intricate and sharp detailing for complicated designs can be etched out within the blocks which are feasible handiest in those wooden blocks. Accessories like hair brushes are used for filling within the blank regions between outlines of the design. A point on the block serves as a guide for the repeat impact, so that the whole impact is non-stop and not disjoint. The great preference of colors make the designs vibrant and fresh-experience. Block prints and brush prints having been attempted out effectively on fabrics like cotton, silk, sico and others.

Block Print sarees are one of the most people centric sarees. Its intricate designs are appreciated worldwide. The block printing is done minutely and most carefully on sarees with the use of wooden block to bring a simple as well as sober look. This craftsmanship is an undefined symbolism of art.

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