Top 10 Must Try Jewelries for this Pujo

Durga puja means new style new trend. This is a grand festival for the Bengalis involving magnificent celebration mixed with emotions.  This is the time of the year where a Bengali plans for everything be it style, costumes, make over, food and what not. Every year there are new fashion trends which are being brought up by the fashion enthusiasts and is well followed by the crowds.

This Pujo let’s not concentrate only on costumes, but let’s also focus on jewelries. Jewelries are the real treasure of a woman. It enhances your look. Jewelry is like the perfect spice - it always complements what’s already there. Whatever you wear, if you don’t pair it up with a perfect earrings or neckpiece, it won’t highlight you in the crowd. Don’t just let people stare, let’s make them worth staring. Jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear.  Every piece of jewelry tells a story.   

A piece of jewelry is often a piece of art. But it only becomes valuable when emotions are added to it.

We are enlisting top 10 must try jewelry collections for this Durga Puja.

Afghani Banjari Necklace Set:

Necklace gives you a vivid look. As it gets placed in the neck area giving you an enriching appearance. Afgani necklaces are the ones which has an appealing art look and the silver tinted ones are just outstanding. Pair it up with any light color long dress, or saree or kurta and you will just look amazing. It’s a trend for this pujo.

Choker Necklace Set:

Choker type necklace are now in trend. For this year’s Durga puja, this is the new style that people are opting for. Choker brings you a unique look. It looks more appealing than that of any normal necklaces. It’s a must have jewelry for this Durga Pujo.

Meenakari Jhumkas:

Meenakari is an art of painting or embellishing various types of metals (gold, silver, faux, etc.) with vibrant colors in dramatic motifs of birds, flowers and leaves. Jaipur is the hub of Meenakari work, and the craftsmen from Jaipur are renowned for producing Meenakari work. This Meenakari is a Mughal inspired designs. Pick this style up for this Pujo.

925 Silver Earrings:

These are deep silver colored premium quality earrings which gives an art look to anyone. These jewelries are highly recommended for those who are fond of arty look while wearing cotton sarees.

Mughal Look Necklace Set:

These jewelry kinds are in trend now. These are gaining a lot of attention because of its rich look and Mughal inspired intricate work. If you pair it up with a Linen or any high quality saree it will bring you a posh look.

Golden Intricate Designed Kada:

A kada gives your hand a promising look. As we know, the jewelries always enhances your appearance. Make your look complete with this kind of traditional jewel wear.  These are now in trend and it gives a rich look, since it has Indian traditional art work in it.

Designer Nosepins:

Nosepins are now in fashion. Earlier, it was only aged women who tend to wear nose rings but now, it became youngsters’ style statement. Young girls now a days like to wear this designer nose rings with Sarees. It actually enhances the look. It’s a must have collections for this Pujo.

Designer Mang Tika:

Mang Tika were in use in the earlier days, in middle, it lost its usage. Women used to wear Mang Tika only during weddings but now it’s like the return of old fashion. Mang Tika has become a significant jewelry nowadays and women now, often use it as their style statement, in any festive season or occasions.

Stone Studded Anklet or Payal:

Anklet or Payal is also one of those accessories that were in use in the earlier days and now it’s the return of the old style. We are now embracing the old fashion which were in extinct phase for some time. Anyhow, now it has regained its value and it’s not only worn during wedding but it’s used for any festive season or ceremonies.

Kundan Finger Ring:

Finger rings are everyone’s favorite. It’s generally used as a daily wear. There are women who love to collect finger rings. So this pujo try this Kundan Finger Rings which can enhance your look.

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