Top 5 Green Sarees to Wear for any Occasion

Color psychology suggests that different colors can evoke psychological reactions. Color is often thought to have an impact on moods and emotions. Sometimes these reactions are associated to the intensity of a color, while in other cases they are the product of experience and cultural influences. How do you feel about green color? For many people, it has strong associations with nature and immediately brings to mind the lush green of grass, trees, and forests. Perhaps because green is so heavily associated with nature, it is often described as a refreshing and tranquil color.

"Green, which is Nature's color, is restful, soothing, cheerful, and health-giving." —Paul Brunton

The color green is exciting, it evokes compassion and it’s obviously natural. In the world of fashion. Design is an amazing craftsmanship that empowers people to communicate their personality. Fashion designers while designing a garment, need to deal with number of things, similar to texture, design of dress, outline and embellishments. Among every one of these highlights, the most ruling one is the color of the garment. Basically, regardless of how lovely the design of an outfit is, color alone can complement or ruin its magnificence. We can say that color is the first thing people observe in our garments and the impact is instantaneous, and it also leaves a lasting impression.

Green has become a trending color for the season. It has dragged a major attention of the crowd. In fact, its Christmas and you already know the importance of the colors - Red, white and Green. So, here we have listed out 5 latest green sarees especially for you.

Flaunt a Plain Green Saree

As we all know, a simple look always grab the major attention. This plain bottle green mulmul saree is weaved with comfortable material called cotton and the design in the anchal and drape part makes it more attractive. Pair it up with a halter neck red blouse with bright gold make up and you are just ready to be in the limelight.

Shop the Bottle Green Mulmul Saree

The Glamorous Green Organza Dhakai Jamdani Saree

A woman look pretty when she wears her smile but she looks the prettiest when she wears saree. This six yards of elegance can make any woman look gorgeous. This lime green Organa saree has a different charm and it will make anyone look absolutely elegant. Pair it up with a matching green or magenta pink color blouse with stone studded bangles and mang-tika.

Get the look in the Pine Green Handwoven Linen Saree


Nothing can match the beauty of a girl who wears saree. This is the most stunning form of green saree which is in trend for a long time. The combination of the Pine green and red are just gorgeous and will make you look complete when you opt for a pure traditional look. Pair it up with a red blouse and silver jewelries, you will look absolutely stunning.

Buy the Green Shade Handwoven Linen Saree

Be in Limelight with the Lime Green Ombre Blend Georgette Saree

This beautiful saree has an amazing combination of color which can make any woman stand out of the crowd. Wear it with golden halter blouse and stone jewelries and you will look perfectly beautiful. If you prefer to look elegant this is the saree you need.

Buy the Lime Green Ombre Blend Georgette Saree with Golden Printed Stripes

Get set go with the Green Shade Banarasi Handwoven Saree

Women often chooses to wear saree in any ceremony or festival because it’s the only attire which gives a woman a complete look. You may look amazing in this light shade of green saree. The beautiful silver motifs in the saree gives it a gorgeous look. If you pair it up with a matching blouse and stone studded jewelry, you will just look stunning.

Buy the Green Shade Cotton Silk Silver Banarasi Handwoven Saree

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