What It Is: Hand Painted Batik Silk Saree

If you don't know *exactly* what a Hand Painted Batik saree is, chances are you'd probably recognize one if you saw it, because chances are you've *probably* ogled a hand painted batik saree on Pure Bangalore Silk *at least* once in your life. And if you haven't seen or touched a Pure Bangalore Silk Hand Painted Batik Saree, you should—they're gorgeous! Batik isn't just another fancy word, but refers to an ancient art technique, which uses wax and dyes to create images and (seriously breathtaking) designs on fabric. The method is thought to have originated in Indonesia, but its Indian roots trace back to the Khatri community of Gujarat. While the technique became almost obsolete, an appreciation for the intricate designs resurfaced in the 20th century, and have taken the fashion and design world by storm ever since.

While the design process is typically used on cotton or silk fabrics, creating stunning Hand Batik Cotton Sarees and unique Batik Print Silk Sarees, contemporarily, fabrics like Georgette have also been used.

Don't let the unique designs scare you off. Beautiful Hand Painted Batik Pure Silk Sarees are versatile—they can be dressed up or down! Want to go for a bold look? Go bright in color and choose a vivid design, then amp it up even more with a jeweled saree blouse. Want to tone it down for the everyday? Switch out your saree blouse for something more muted (but still complimentary) in color. In addition, the variety of fabrics means you can go light, summery and breathable with a Batik Cotton Saree, or dress up for an evening event with a Batik Silk Print Saree. Below, we've rounded up our favorite Hand Painted Batik Pure Silk Sarees, available exclusively online at ShopBollyWear.com!

Greenish Yellow Vibrant Hand Batik Print Silk Saree with Floral Design

Cobalt Blue and Black Bangalore Silk with Hand Painted Batik Design Saree

White and Black Combined Handmade Batik Painted Silk Saree

Mustard Yellow and White Colored Handmade Batik Painted Silk Saree

Brown and Maroon Colored Handmade Batik Painted Sarees

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