Mukut for Bengali Brides

Mukut for Bengali Brides

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The Bengali headgear is known as the mukut, and sometimes the topor. For the Bengali bride, the mukut is a compulsory part of their attire and the one for the grooms are known as topor. It is known to bring good luck to the couple. It is very fragile and requires to be handled with care. The mukut adorned by the bride is usually white in colour The Bengali mukut designs have intricately woven work, usually in white colour with gold sequined embellishments. It is a light headgear that the brides flaunt and they can adorn mukut designs made out of foam or thermocol sheets. 

This Bengali Bride's Mukut is custom handcrafted made to order! This listing is for ordering an individual bridal mukut only and it is not paired with a groom's topor in this listing. You will find paired Topor-mukut sets, as well as individual groom's topors, on our website.

I make the mukut with white foam on white paper. I handcraft my topors and mukuts in USA with foam instead of shola. My topors and mukuts are very lightweight...each piece weighing less than 2 oz. so that they are not heavy for the head. 

Bride's mukut will have ribbons to tie around her exact head measurement is not needed.

The custom-made mukut will be hand-sculpted after I receive your order. I will need 2 weeks to make this item from scratch after I receive your order. I can make it sooner if needed - contact me for my schedule.

Price is Fixed on Handcrafted Mukur. No discounts please. 

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