Selling Services Agreement


Consignment or New

Send SBW a picture of the item to sell at:

The seller must send a few pictures to SBW showing there are no defects to the merchandise and different shots so the buyers will be interested in purchasing the merchandise. It is upon our discretion if we will sell the item or not. We prefer gently used or new merchandise. 

No vendor images, logo's, names on the pictures of the items being sold.

Prices will be set with the understanding that it is advantageous for both the Seller and SBW to get the highest price. SBW will put forth the final price to be Sold on the website.

If the Seller is able to put a size on the merchandise, it will be accepted. 

Any items received by SBW that does not accurately match the picture description or are found to be not matching the original description, the item will be returned to Seller. 

If the buyer has questions, we require the seller to respond within 24 hrs. 

If the merchandise is not selling for 30 days SBW will ask the seller if they would like to reduce the price, rent it out, or remove the item from the website.

If the merchandise does not sell within 60 days after the reduction the seller has the opportunity to rent out the merchandise or have it removed from the website. 

If an item is sold by the Seller, they need to notify SBW within 24hrs to have SBW remove the item from the website.

All items must be shipped to our distribution center by the Seller within 24 hrs after a sale has been made. If the Seller is local, SBW can physically meet the Seller for pickup within 24 hrs after a sale has been made.

All Sellers must be at least 18 years of age and may be required to present valid ID or other proof of age at the time items are sold. 

All Sellers represent they have the right to sell the item.

If any provision of these terms should later be deemed to be invalid or unenforceable, the balance of these terms shall remain in full force and effect. Seller hereby agrees to the terms and conditions set forth on the terms and conditions of this website and such terms and conditions are hereby incorporated into these terms and conditions to the extent applicable.





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