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All the Places to Shop in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Jaipur—otherwise known as the Pink City, the jewel of the desert or, arguably most important,*the* place for shopping in India. Don’t believe us? Even Western brand Free People couldn’t resist the desert city’s allure, basing much of their 2014 campaign  (ft. Indian-born actress Freida Pinto!) in the breathtaking locale.

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Terracotta Jewelry

Terracotta as a craft has thrived in India since 3000-1500 BC, when terracotta figurines were excavated from archeological sites of the Indus Valley Civilization. While it may have started out as the base for pottery, sculptures and even constructing homes (the clay is molded and then baked), recent years have seen the textile used for other, more personal accessories, such as necklaces and bangles. And terracotta jewelry is all the rage. Because of the malleability of the clay, many pieces of terracotta jewelry are molded into intricate and interesting shapes and designs (like animals!), giving its wearers a bohemian touch.

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Shawls and Stoles for Winter

Originating in India (predominantly Kashmir), Indian shawls are widely popular—known for both their intricate designs and impeccable craftsmanship. While shawls—most identifiable as an intricately designed rectangular fabric—originated in India, they have had a global impact, with the stylish shoulder covering a favourite of fashionable women (and men) around the world!

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The Perfect Arm Candy

It's *the* finishing touch on every outfit, the pièce de résistance that can take your designer silk saree or ethnic wear from meh to marvelous: arm candy. No, we're not talking about a hunky guy or gal (although that doesn't hurt); we're talking about the perfect bag! As we start gearing up for the inevitable holiday parties, the right accessory is an essential for every outfit, and with a large and unique selection of bags and purses available exclusively at, you can guarantee you'll have a gorgeous purse for every mood, occasion and outfit! Below, we've rounded up our favourite clutch purses. A clutch is a great and versatile choice for holiday shindigs or nights on the town. It...

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Look We're Loving: Ajrakh Print

We can't help it...we're ready for fall! More specifically, we're ready for fall fashion. Anytime the temperature drops below 15 degrees Celsius, daydreams of lounging on the beach and going for a swim are replaced with equally as dreamy images of crackling fires and changing leaves. And the *absolute* best part of dressing for the fall has to be the gorgeous tones and textures. Wave buh-bye to the lightweight designer cotton sarees in sherbet or creamsicle shades, it's time for crisp reds and oranges and weighty silk or brocade-heavy sarees.

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