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ShopBollyWear.Com is the brainchild of Nila Chakraborty, a second-generation Indian American with a passion for Indian ethnicwear. ShopBollyWear is unique because we are based in the USA but supplying Indian products to customers in USA & Canada, India, and Worldwide to Buy all kinds of Indian clothing and accessories. Backed by robust e-commerce technology, dedicated customer service, and a global network of suppliers, ShopBollyWear.Com makes shopping for Bollywood-inspired fashion a truly smooth experience. Click here to meet our team. 

Finding ethnic wear that suits your definition for Indian fashion can be a real task given the plethora of options from where you can shop. Choosing the right traditional Indian Dress can depend upon a host of factors like the occasion, your color preferences or theme, and the desired comfort level of the dress. Shopping for the latest Indian dresses online is therefore the easiest route to choose. At ShopBollyWear we make this process a breeze.

About ShopBollyWear.Com

ShopBollyWear is more than a E-Commerce platform; it's a statement of the kind of woman you want to be. It’s knowing who you are and what you want, and also recognizing your own ability to support others who are following their own passion and goals in life.

At the heart of ShopBollyWear is our desire to support women and encourage them to pursue their passion. We want to remind people that while there will be obstacles along the way, they should never give up on their dreams. We are empowering women by giving them permission to dance outside the lines. For us, giving back is a true sign of success. At ShopBollyWear, we give Women Entrepreneurs a Marketplace to pursue their passion and sell their items through our Marketplace E-Commerce Website. 
If you are interested in selling through our Marketplace please contact us at: shopbollywear@gmail.com 



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