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Look We're Loving: Ajrakh Print

We can't help it...we're ready for fall! More specifically, we're ready for fall fashion. Anytime the temperature drops below 15 degrees Celsius, daydreams of lounging on the beach and going for a swim are replaced with equally as dreamy images of crackling fires and changing leaves. And the *absolute* best part of dressing for the fall has to be the gorgeous tones and textures. Wave buh-bye to the lightweight designer cotton sarees in sherbet or creamsicle shades, it's time for crisp reds and oranges and weighty silk or brocade-heavy sarees.

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Olive Is The New Black

With the end of New York Fashion Week, it's safe to say that Fall is officially here. As we start to switch up our wardrobes and de-summer our closets, there's one colour that should be replacing all of your bright pieces: Olive. No, we're not referring to the delicious, salty staple of any good charcuterie board, we're talking about that rich, green colour you'll be seeing all over the runways, red carpets and sidewalks. Celebrities from Ryan Gosling to Crazy Rich Asians' Henry Golding have been incorporating the colour into their red carpet style throughout film festivals and their respective movie premiers. And if it works for a pant and jacket, then why can't it work for a men's designer...

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What It Is: The Bridal Bindi

It's arguably one of the most recognized characteristics of Indian makeup and ethnic wear: the bridal bindi. Adorning a bride's face, the bridal bindi is typically found nestled between her brows. While historically the bindi was red and white, the past few years have seen it transform into a unique and completely individualized piece of jewellery, coming in sticker gems of all different colours, shapes and patterns—including . Seriously, you can match one to every outfit!

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Sridevi: How To Get Her Look

August 13 marked the birthday of Bollywood legend and on-screen idol, Sridevi. The starlet has graced our screens and inspired us since her debut in the 1967 Tamil film Kandhan Karunai (when she was only four years old!). While she tragically passed away in February 2018, Sridevi continues to influence Bollywood—and will do so for years to come. We all know she was an amazing actress, but that's not where it stopped. The Queen of Bollywood was also the *queen* of style, with a penchant for rocking gorgeous sarees. Below, we've rounded up some of our favourite Sridevi looks, and because we know imitation is the *sincerest* form of flattery, we've gone ahead and linked similar sarees—all available exclusively on...

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What It Is: Hand Painted Batik Silk Saree

If you don't know *exactly* what a Hand Painted Batik saree is, chances are you'd probably recognize one if you saw it, because chances are you've *probably* ogled a hand painted batik saree on Pure Bangalore Silk *at least* once in your life. And if you haven't seen or touched a Pure Bangalore Silk Hand Painted Batik Saree, you should—they're gorgeous! Batik isn't just another fancy word, but refers to an ancient art technique, which uses wax and dyes to create images and (seriously breathtaking) designs on fabric.

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