Jamdani Sarees

The Jamdani Saree has a long and storied history and is tied directly to the booming designer saree industry in Bengal or Bangladesh. Although it sounds complex, when you break it down, the name is quite simple and explanative. Jamdani refers to the type of fabric the designer saree is made of. In this case, Jamdani is a rich muslin fabric, woven from cotton, that comes specifically from the Dhaka District of the country. As a popular textile in the region, it should come as no surprise that these sarees are both an important piece of Bengali history as well as staple in women’s wardrobes. The fact that the saree is woven from cotton means it’s still a lightweight and breathable fabric, but as luxurious as wearing a designer silk saree. The choice of name is further indicative of the typical designs found on the sarees. “Jamdani” has its origins in the Persian language and comes from the word “jam”—which means flower—and “dani”—meaning vase. The pairing of these two words is reflective of the gorgeous floral designs often woven into sarees from this region.



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