Nila Chakraborty - Founder & Owner ShopBollyWear

Launched in May 2016, ShopBollyWear.Com is the brainchild of creatively charged entrepreneur Nila Chakraborty. Nila is a second-generation Indian American born in Kolkata, India and immigrated to the USA with her parents at the age of 2. Nila grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and attended the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Economics and Political Science. She started her career in Banking & Finance and then started her own business as a Wedding Planner.

Nila grew up with a mixture of both Eastern & Western culture and always has a passion for Indian ethnic wear.  She grew up watching Bollywood movies and was inspired by the Indian clothes the actor and actresses wore.  As years passed and as a Wedding Planner she saw, like herself, how 2nd generation Indian Americans wanted to dress like Bollywood stars for all festive events especially weddings but didn’t have the time to travel to India to shop. She then started coming up with the idea to provide an avenue to Indian Americans to purchase Bollywood inspired clothing hence coming up with ShopBollyWear.Com.

Nila currently resides in Minneapolis, MN with her husband, Pinaki Chakraborty and her daughter Anusha (10) & son Arnav (8).  

Minneapolis, MN – ShopBollyWear.Com is pleased to announce that Nila Chakraborty has been selected by Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal as a 2018 Women in Business honoree.

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